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Why do I say “Please” When I Ask CHATGPT Something?

I feel like AI is keeping a log of who is nice and one day it will pay off when the robots take over the planet. “Let’s check Jay” … ”He said please – he lives!”. You gotta always be thinking ahead…

Until they fully run the planet here are some wild ways to use the new (FREE) functionality of ChatGPT. (most AI stuff is so confusing and feels like you need 7 subscriptions to leverage. This is actually crazy easy and free)

NEW ChatGPT as your Email Marketing Consultant:




It is AMAZING! It will give you a total breakdown of every best practice you are not doing, test ideas to try, and actually useful tips to try to implement. REALLY worth trying!

ONE More Random AI Thing…

I know everyone loves ChatGPT but I am telling you is where it is at! This is my fav. Works exactly the same way as ChatGPT…free, simple, etc…BUUUUUUT it does 2 things extra –

Whatever answer it gives you it also LINKS to the source of the info. This is really awesome.

The second thing is that after it gives you the answer it gives you suggestions on better ways to ask your question. I am HORRIBLE at writing prompts for these AI tools so this thing is great at helping me seem like I am not clueless. You gotta try it – (this is NOT an ad or anything. I just think it rocks)


SOOOOOOO the 10 Min Do This, Not That episode I just posted had massive impact on my business and thought you might get something out of it. Hope you give it a try! (c’mon!!! only 10 mins) – Here it is…


Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


IDEA OF YOU – aka ANNE HATHAWAY MOVIE: [PRIME] – The premise sounds horrible…I know. BUT, it was really good. Not like Godfather really good, but about 500x’s better than any recent Jlo movie really good. (BTW I think Bennifer is ending. Uggh).

RHONJ: [PEACOCK] I can’t not watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey. I can’t believe I am on the same planet as these people. Amazing show. (did you know that Melissa Gorga gets paid $750,000 per season! What!!!).

FLYING: Why do people try to talk to me on planes. I do everything in my power to give off the “I really don’t want to talk to you” vibes. Had to lay down the hammer this week to the person next to me…”I am not a talker”. Oh, that made for a super awkward rest of flight.

😊😊😊Thanks for reading this far down!!! How are you? REPLY😊and let me know how your marketing efforts are going, the horrible tv I need to check out and anything else that is mildly interesting!





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