Need to see the open rates with that subject line…
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You Can Actually Bet On This…

How many times will Taylor Swift be shown during the Super Bowl?

The Over/Under is 5.5 Times. I don’t know anything about betting, but I feel like they might show her 4 billion times and this bet seems like a good one.

Speaking of Super Bowl…This is for BOTH Business and Consumer Marketers.


You Don’t Like Sports? You Don’t Like Teams? WHO CARES!

TIMING: 3 days prior (and 1 day after) The Super Bowl...

BUSINESS and CONSUMER Email Open Rates go UP when these words used in SUBJECT LINE:

Are you the MVP of your Marketing Team?
Only for our MVP’s…
Touchdown! Exclusive Discount Inside..
Don’t Care Who Wins? Check this out…



Football Emoji: 🏈 in Subject Line 24 Hours Before till 24 Hours After Super Bowl Open Rates

Business UP: 24%
Consumer UP: 31%



The National Chicken Council estimates that Americans will eat a record high 1.42 billion wings during the Super Bowl. – That is gross.
At half-time, it's estimated around 100 million toilets will flush… Also, gross.



Monday AFTER Super Bowl is BAD FOR EMAIL!!!!

Business Open Rates: Go DOWN 14%
Consumer Open Rates: Go DOWN 17%

Why do emails do poorly after Super Bowl? Hmmmm, I wonder:

FACT: On average 1.5 million Americans will call in “sick” Monday after Super Bowl and another 4.4 million are expected to show up late for work.
Might be related to Americans are estimated to drink 60 million cases of beer on Super Bowl Sunday (and eat 8 million pounds of guacamole which seems GROSS).



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Since You Didn’t Ask...


THE BACHELOR [ABC]: This season is off to a great start BUT…Joey needs to start acting like a real person and not just being nice to everyone. Very happy that one sister left. And everyone needs to stop crying immediately. Other than that, EVERYONE should be watching. What is wrong with you.

GRISELDA [NETFLIX]: This is awesome. I’m in the middle of this. You gotta watch. True story about drug dealing in Miami. Sofía Vergara is the star, and she is a badass.

VANDERPUMP RULES [BRAVO]: I haven’t watched first episode yet, but I am all in. LFG!


ALERT: I got this alert on my phone “Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion are not happy with each other!”. You might think this annoyed me to get an alert like this…but sadly I needed to find out more. I need to really think about my priorities.

Ok, enough of this randomness….REPLY and say HEY! And register for GURU! OHHHHH….I posted a new podcast episode ABOUT BEST TIMES TO SEND EMAIL (just posted this morning) – here it is





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