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My LAST Newsletter THIS YEAR (c’mon!)…

Well, that was a cheesy way to get you to open this email…But hey it proves my stat below so there you go. ‘EXTREME’ Subject Lines get people’s attention. Have you ever said, “I wonder what the 2nd most popular thing is?”….of course not! Who says that?

These ‘EXTREME’ Words Increase Email Open Rates When Used in Subject Lines:

Last: UP 18%
Most: UP 24%
Best: UP 17%
Final: UP 22%
Biggest: UP 25%

Sorry The New Year is Gonna Start Out ROUGH!!!!

The first 2 weeks of January are NEVER good for EMAIL MARKETING😬

Here is some interesting data to consider...


January 1st – 14th VS January 15th – 31st

2nd Half January Click-Through Rates vs. 1st Half January:

(2nd Half WAAAAY Better)

Consumer: UP 31% 👍 Business: UP 42% 👍

And this year especially...Nobody has time for your emails. They can barely figure out how to function normally. Things will pick up in a big way as January wraps up. 👊👊👊

SOOOOO…Make sure to manage those internal expectations cause nobody is registering for a webinar those first few weeks and nobody is buying anything either (they ran out of money during the holidays).

BTW: If you see a strong start to the year than you are in for some great performance for the year ahead!‬

HEY!!! Could you do me a SOLID? Give this a try!

NEW EPISODE!!! – JUST Posted this a few mins ago – It is ONLY 10 Mins!!

Jay’s Podcast: Episode: 2024 MARKETING MUST KNOWS!

Apple Episode

Spotify Episode

BTW – you dig the podcast? (drop me a reply and let me know)

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND – [NETFLIX] – This movie sucked. How can you have an awesome cast with Julia Roberts, Ethan Hawke, Mahershala Ali and make a big piece of garbage. Thought it was gonna get scary too. At least that didn’t happen. I hate scary movies. I quit horror movies after Blair Witch 20+ years ago…slept with lights on for 3 days after that. I am a wimp.


To purposely torture my teenage kids this week I walked up to them while they were with a group of friends and said, “Spill the Tea…What is going on?”. They might not talk to me for a month. Proud dad moment.

2024 GOAL:

My biggest goal is to continue to avoid playing Pickleball. I am 47 and I see lots of people I know playing it and nothing about it looks cool.

What are your big New Year’s Eve plans??? Reply and let me know. Happy new year! I appreciate you and you are gonna crush 2024!




P.S. Give my random podcast a whirl…c’mon!!!!

P.P.S. UNGATED…Here is the BEST/WORST Days to Email Calendar 2024 - HERE


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