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Huh? Where are the tips? This Newsletter Stinks!

Geez, that is rough.

Oh well, I wanted to share upcoming sessions I am doing and super cool events that you may (or may not) want to check out…And I have EXCLUSIVE discount codes for the ones that aren’t free.

INBOUND [BOSTON]: SEPT 5-8: This is a MUST ATTEND event if it is even remotely possible.  The lineup and networking are incredible.  If you have never been it is really a unique experience. I will be doing a bunch of NEW sessions at the event which will be off the rails…BTW if you register, use this DISCOUNT CODE: GURU on a GA ticket. 15% off! Nice! Reg at and use GURU

THRYV SMB Webinar [VIRTUAL]: THIS WEDNESDAY – 12pm est – 1pm est:  This is a FREE webinar that I am doing that is FOR SMBs.  If you are a small business and want some quick win tactics, you should check this one out. Here is FREE reg link

B2B Forum [BOSTON]: OCT 4-6: Super excited to speak at this event! If you are B2B MARKETER, this is THE event to attend.  Ann Handley picks out all the content for this and it is awesome! And here is a super cool DISCOUNT CODE: THANKSJAY – and REG LINK: CODE: THANKSJAY

DELIVERED Conference [VIRTUAL]: SEPT 20-21: HELLOOOO? This is a FREE, 2-DAY Virtual event that is all about DIRECT MAIL! I will be speaking and hosting this thing.  If you are clueless about direct mail OR if you are a seasoned pro, this is perfect for you! SPOTS ARE LIMITED! Here is FREE reg link:

GURU Conference [VIRTUAL]: NOV 8-9: LFFFFFFFFGGGGG!!! C’MON! I promise this will be the BEST virtual event you will ever attend.  We have some wild stuff planned! We are running out of spots cause the interest is crazy!  PLEASE don’t miss out – 2 Days, Free, All about Email, Martha Stewart….FREE reg link:

And I know you don’t care, but here I need to discuss GOLDEN BACHELOR….

If you live under a rock, or you have a life and don’t keep up with useless reality tv news, here is what the GOLDEN BACHELOR is…

Basically, it is an ABC franchise spinoff of The Bachelor tv show that is focused on seniors. The ‘Bachelor’ is a 71 year old dude named Gerry.

Will I be watching this? Of course! This franchise needs to do something to pump some new life into what they are doing. I feel like I am the last human still watching the current season (which I happen to think is good so far).

I live in Boca Raton Florida, so I feel like I am living in an ongoing episode of the Golden Bachelor. Dinner at 4pm is basically normal.

Ok, thanks for reading this far down. Are you going to any of these events? Let me know so we can meet up!


Best –




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