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I very rarely send anything to all my Scoop friends that is not about marketing tips but this is a big one for me, so I appreciate you checking this out.

My team puts on GURU Conference. It is 100% FREE and it is the World’s Largest Virtual Email Marketing Conference. 2 Days, Nov 8-9, All Virtual, and 100% Free.

We are announcing, RIGHT NOW, that MARTHA STEWART is going to keynote this year! C’mon – that is crazy cool! Martha talking Email Marketing? Love it.

NEED YOUR HELP: We keep this event free by making it really big and making our sponsors happy. If you could ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on this LinkedIn post, it will help get the word out! www.linkedin.com/posts/schwedelson_guruconference-emailmarketing-activity-7071825061246054400-3hQW?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop

WE HAVE LIMITED REGISTRATION SPOTS! This is no joke. We buy a certain number of ‘virtual seats’ and this year our reg numbers are 125% ahead of the same point last year so we will run out of spots. If you have not registered, here is the link (totally free) – www.GuruConference.com

Really appreciate you reading this. This event is something we are trying to do for all marketers to have the chance to learn (and have fun) together. You helping to drive awareness and attending means everything!




P.S. reply and let me know if you are gonna make it to GURU Conference this year? And any ideas or crazy things you want us to noodle on for the event.

P.P.S. here's the link to FREE EVENT REG: www.GuruConference.com


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