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The Biggest Myth in Marketing is...

I have no idea...But I do know that 'MYTH' busting emails are doing great!

'Myth' Mentioned in Subject Lines [Last 90 Days]:

CONSUMER: Open Rate Increase 22%

BUSINESS: Open Rate Increase 28%

"We are sending too much" - WORST STATEMENT IN EMAIL MARKETING

ESPECIALLY for 'Offer Emails'...Sending out your offer email multiple times (building urgency with each send) is an ABSOLUTE 'MUST DO'.

JUST IN: New Random Email Tips...

'JUST IN' Mentioned in Subject Lines [Last 90 Days]:

CONSUMER: Open Rate Increase 32%

BUSINESS: Open Rate Increase 18%


How I imagine this marketing meeting went...

Team Member #1: We should use 10 emojis in the subject line.

Team Member #2: No way! 11!!

Team Member #1: You are so right. What was I thinking.

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...



LOVE IS BLIND 4: [NETFLIX] – I am on episode 10 so don't spoil it for me! Here is my breakdown of key people:

Brett: Coolest dude on the planet (not joking).

Irina: Worst person to be friends with ever.

Kwame: He is going to say NO - WAKE-UP Chelsea!

Marshall: This dude should be the next Bachelor.

Micah and Paul: This is not a good couple.

Zack: Ummm.
– I hate everyone. I have not started the new season yet cause I am trying to watch Love is Blind. BUT EVERYONE KEEPS POSTING STUFF about what is going in Succession and it is not cool!


My birthday just passed. I asked someone to guess my age and they said 5 years older than I am. That was fun.


I am so fired up for GURU Conference 2023! (FREE - The World's Largest Virtual Email Marketing Conference). We have the craziest stuff planned and the coolest speaker lineup ever. I can't wait to share it all. Registration is 100% FREE but SPOTS ARE LIMITED ( - You gotta be there!! C'mon don't miss locking in your spot!

😊😊😊Thanks for reading this far down!!! How are you? Reply back 😊and let me know how your marketing efforts are going, the horrible tv I need to check out and anything else that is mildly interesting!




P.S. Our site now has a ChatGPT integration!

Still 100% FREE! Here is how it works…

Pretty Simple. You put in your subject line, and it still gives you a score on how good/bad it is…Than it gives you 5 alternate versions of your subject line.

The tool is VERY MUCH IN BETA! I say that because some of the results come out a little funky. We are working on making this way more awesome but wanted to get it live so we could get some water through the pipes.

The site is all about generating free ideas for testing. Hopefully it spurs some ideas that produce positive results. Hope you check it out and in the coming weeks it will get a lot better (hopefully – hahahaha).


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