Hungover ✅ Calendar is Full of Put-Off Meetings ✅….
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😬The first 2 weeks of January are NEVER good for EMAIL MARKETING😬

Here is some interesting data to consider...

💠January 1st – 14th💠 VS 💠January 15th – 31st💠

2nd Half January Click-Through Rates vs. 1st Half:
Consumer: UP 31%👍
Business: : UP 42% 👍

And this year especially...Nobody has time for your emails. They can barely figure out how to function normally. Things will pick up in a big way as January wraps up. 👊👊👊

BTW: If you see a strong start to the year than you are in for some great performance for the year ahead!


Bad Economy Equals Bad Data…

Layoffs, job changes, people moving…Your email ‘bounces’ are not just undeliverable...They are your new ‘Account Based Marketing’ database.

Review your ‘bounces’ and see what accounts you need to make new contacts at…


‘BUDGET’ in Subject Line: Sadly, this is doing well…


The Algorithms are ALWAYS Changing:


Making 2 comments a day will increase reach FOR YOUR OWN POSTS by 8% and 5 comments a day will INCREASE REACH FOR YOUR POSTS BY 15%!!!!

Can you post multiple LinkedIn posts in one day without it hurting reach?

YES and NO:

🔵YES for Company Pages: You can post multiple posts a day without harming (average) reach of the previous ones.

🔵NO for Individual Profile Pages: If you post more than once within 18 hour time frame on a personal profile your reach will go down.

Best Frequency for Company Page: 4-5 posts per week…Publishing less than 2 posts a week will lead to 50% less growth.

Source: Algorithm Research Report via @richardvanderblom

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


THE BACHELOR: [ABC]: This doesn’t start till January 23rd but Zach is boring on a good day. I think fan voting on the next Bachelor/Bachelorette needs to be instituted.

(and I have a really dumb habit that needs to stop...Whenever I watch a reality tv show I immediately start following all the people on Instagram. My entire Instagram feed is random people who were on The Bachelor from 12 years ago. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM pushes crappy random products with the tiny fraction of fame that they have. Why don't I just unfollow them you might be thinking...I DON'T KNOW)

BEST and WORST TV This Past Year:




TIKTOK: So, I was going to start posting daily marketing tips on TikTok but my teenage kids (daughter 15 and son 16) told me “YOU CAN’T!” because I would apparently wind up on the ‘ForYouPage’ of all of their friends. Which apparently would be the end of the world and would bring shame to our family.


EVERYTHING: What did you do in December? Apparently, I spent December eating everything. UGGHHHH….Lots of Salmon and green stuff in my immediate future.

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Thanks for reading this far down!!! How are you? Reply back and let me know how your marketing efforts are going, the horrible tv I need to check out and anything else that is mildly interesting!



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