I refuse to write BOO in my subject line…
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Welcome to The Weirdest Marketing Time of The Year…

Consumer marketers abandon all rationale plans and roll with “just do everything” and Business marketers revise down MQL definitions because there is no time left to drive meaningful pipeline before Q1…What fun!!

So, lets take a look at some QUICK WINS to help boost performance….

10 Things You Should Think About Doing…. [ALL METRICS FROM LAST 90 DAYS]

Some of these you might know, others maybe not, but all are worth testing (or re-testing)…

FIRST WORD of Subject Line Capitalized Increases Open Rate:

[Brackets] at Start of Subject Line Mentioning Offer Increase Open Rate:

These Words LOWER Email Open Rate When Mentioned in Subject Line

Average Click-Through Rates Rose 16% When Email Copy Was Directed At "You" and "Your" Versus “We” and “Our”

Industry Specific Emails Outperform Generic Business Emails by Over 220%

Subject Lines with LESS Than 20 Characters Have Increased Open Rates:

Best TIME OF DAY To Send Emails:

‘Do’s and Don’ts’ in Subject Line Increase Open Rates:


OOPS, UH OH, YIKES in Subject Line: Increase Open Rates:



Unsubscribe Rates ARE THE HIGHEST during NOVEMBER and DECEMBER (for B2B & B2C). This is NOT because you are sending too much! This is because everyone does the end of year ‘purge’.

FACT: Over 92% of the people who unsubscribe during November and December have not opened one of your emails in last 6 months!!! [both B2C and B2B].

Don’t let a few ‘angry people’ impact your holiday sales and Q1 pipeline!!!. KEEP SENDING!

BAD DAY!!! - QUICK TIP: B2B and B2C:

BAD DAY for EMAIL: November 8th is NOT going to be a good day for email performance – it is election day... (not a political statement). Often times major national events lead to poor email marketing performance and higher unsubscribe rates – marketers seem can seem ‘out of touch’. Just skip that day if possible.

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


DAHMER: [Netflix] I watched one episode. Totally freaked me out. I seriously cannot handle anything scary. I watched ‘Blair Witch’ 20 years ago and am still seriously bothered by it (when that dude stood in the corner at the end…ughhhhhh). I can’t even watch previews for horror movies.

BACHELOR IN PARADISE: [ABC] I know you don’t care but I need to discuss this regardless. I AM PISSED! What are Jared and Ashley doing on the show??? Who needs them!!! The producers are scrambling to save this season…They are stealing ideas from Love Island.


When people put up a post about any topic and then say “GO” at the end I want to throw my computer out the window. I have no idea why this bothers me so much, but it is the one thing that leads to an immediate block from me. Am I alone in feeling this way – tell me your thoughts – GO! Hahahahaha!

FACEBOOK: It’s official…I only go on Facebook now to see the handful of people I am connected with that still post daily. These people are super weird and are missing any self-awareness that a normal person should have. I am here for it all and love it. I am horrible.


OK, I really, really, really, hope you attend GURU CONFERENCE, but you won’t be able to login UNLESS YOU ADD THE EVENT TO YOUR CALENDAR!!!! The calendar invite has the ‘magic link’ that gives you instant access to the conference…SOOOO, if you don’t already have your calendar invite, please email Team@attendguru.com and my team will hook you up asap.

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Thanks for reading this far down!!! How are you? Reply back and let me know how your marketing efforts are going, the horrible tv I need to check out and anything else that is mildly interesting!



P.S. My wife and I are dressing up as Britney and Justin in all denim for Halloween. Not Kidding. I now own this wig.


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