“TheFacebook.com” was launched 17 years ago today. Such a gift to the world to be able to keep up with birthdays of people I barely remember. Anyway…


You don’t care about football (or perhaps you do) – either way Sunday’s big game impacts email.

Monday AFTER Super Bowl:

BtoB Open Rates: Go DOWN 14%

BtoC Open Rates: Go DOWN 17%

Why do emails do poorly after Super Bowl? Hmmmm, I wonder:

FACT: On average 1.5 million Americans will call in “sick” this Monday and another 4.4 million are expected to show up late for work.

Might be related to Americans are estimated to drink 60 million cases of beer on Super Bowl Sunday (and eat 8 million pounds of guacamole which seems gross).

In HONOR OF THE SUPER BOWL - Email and Chicken Wings?

BELOW ARE 2 VERSIONS OF THE SAME STORY – QUICK – Which one do you want to read?


Option #1 (35 words)

1964 – “Buffalo Wings” born in Buffalo, NY.

HOW: Bar owner made for Son and Friends, was a hit. Next day – put on bar menu.

NOW: This SUPER BOWL 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings will be eaten.

Option #2 (104 words)

Deep-fried chicken wings have long been a staple of Southern cooking. But the concept of cooking wings in peppery hot sauce was born in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York, when co-owner Teressa Bellissimo cooked leftover wings in hot sauce as a late-night snack for her son and his friends. They loved the wings and asked for more. The guys liked them so much that the Bellissimos put them on the menu the next day. Served with celery slices and bleu cheese sauce, “Buffalo Wings” were an instant hit. Americans Estimated to Eat Record 1.4 Billion Chicken Wings for Super Bowl.

TRENDING EMAIL STAT (related to above): Paragraphs (blocks of text):

To ProspectsOver 75 Words in Single Paragraph Leads to 37% Lower Overall Click-Through Rate

To CustomersOver 100 Words in Single Paragraph Leads to 28% Lower Overall Click-Through Rate

(hint: no one cares.  stop writing so much)

Quick Tip:

‘MVP’ used in Subject Line 3 days prior (and 1 day after) Super Bowl lifts Opens:

BtoB UP: 15% and BtoC UP: 21%


BtoB: Are you the MVP of your Marketing Team?

BtoC: MVP Sale Starts Now


So I tried watching Bridgerton. That gets a ‘Hard NO’.


I need to chill. I find myself cursing at my apple watch when it tells me to do stuff.

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