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Nobody Cares! (about pretty much anything)…

This is the first sentence of this newsletter and you are already debating whether you care enough to continue (and I don’t blame you).

The only time we care about ANYTHING is literally right before the thing happens:


‘Last Chance’ Email Offers Sent ‘DAY OF’:


Sent within 6 Hours of Event Occurring/Offer Ending Have an Increased RESPONSE RATE of 31% vs. Not Doing ‘Day of’ Send.


Sent within 12 Hours of Offer Ending Have an Increased RESPONSE RATE of 38% vs. Not Doing ‘Day of’ Send.

If you are not doing an extra send the ‘DAY OF’ you are missing out on a huge potentially lift in response.

That’s Hot…(and yes, this is a reference to Paris Hilton on Simple Life)

Last 30 Days: Here are trending subject line tests….

Summer Lovin! (Thought about quoting Nelly but went with Grease instead):

‘Summer’ in Your Subject Line increases Open Rate 29% Last 30 Days

Do’s and Don’ts: Great new test…and SUPER RANDOM!

‘Do’s and Don’ts’ in Subject Line Increases Open Rates 34% vs. Standard Information


Email Subject Lines That Include The Word ‘Tomorrow’ Receive a 26% Increase in Open Rate Than Those With a Day Of The Week.

When your offer ends on Thursday and your email goes out Wednesday test saying ‘Tomorrow’…

Basically, we have no clue what day it is, but we have a general idea that tomorrow is really soon.


When to NOT send something can be as useful as knowing when to send…So what is the WORST time to send an email??

Here is a gathering of major platforms and what they say is THE WORST:

The Worst Time to Send:

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


TOP GUN [MAVERICK] - COMING SOON: (THEATRES) – Tom Cruise has done a really good job making me forget that he is a total weirdo. This movie looks great.

OZARK (NETFLIX) - I always try to guess what one of the four symbols they show at the start of each episode. For some reason I keep yelling out “chicken” as my guess. I have no idea what that means, and I am confident I will never be right.


How am I supposed to watch horrible reality TV when I am glued to the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial? 💩


Does anyone else close an app and then re-open the same app immediately? Every time I do that I feel like a giant loser and question everything about my existence.

Thanks for reading this far down!!! How are you? Reply back and let me know how your marketing efforts are going, the horrible tv I need to check out and anything else that is mildly interesting!




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