January went by fast. Here are few things that may be useful…(or not)

Running Out of Time: Using '2021' can give a huge boost to both email 'Open Rates' and 'Click After Open Rates'. BUT, you only have about 15 days left to use this tactic (after that it is old news).

BtoB Subject Line: Using ‘2021’ Open Rate Up 25%

BtoC Subject Line: Using ‘2021’ Open Rate Up 19%

BtoB Headline of Body Copy: Using ‘2021’ Click Rate Up 19%

BtoC Headline of Body Copy: Using ‘2021’ Click Rate Up 15%

(AND STOP using ‘2020’. That is a boat anchor. Pulling performance down)

Are You Cool? Always good to know about what is coming next…

Are you on Clubhouse yet? If not, you probably will be within the next 6 months. This WILL BE the fastest growing SOCIAL NETWORK in 2021 (I am on it but still not a huge fan @Jschwed).

What is it? Clubhouse is an audio based, social media app that just raised around $100 million led by investor Andreessen Horowitz at a $1 billion valuation.

Here are the details… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZG1wfauSlzY

Quick Tip: Your logo in your emails will get about 20% of all clicks. Send traffic to offer destination page and not homepage. This is a waste of valuable traffic.

Eating: Why do I need to feel lucky when I find my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor at the supermarket? I don’t feel lucky when I buy Cheerios. (Best Flavor: Chip Happens - chocolate ice cream, fudge, and potato chips - DON’T @ ME as the kids would say)

Pandemic Life:

How most of my Zoom meetings go:

2-2:05 - waiting for host to start

2:07 – “you're on mute”

2:11 – “excuse my dogs, so sorry”

2:15-2:25 - actual meeting

2:30 – “got a 'back-to-back' - gotta go”


Doing new email webinar TODAY at 2pm! – Here is reg link -  https://worldata.webinar-reg.com/lp25?src=InsideScoop

AND, If you know anyone who might want to receive the scoop please send them to: https://jayschwedelson.com

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