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My last email of the year!  Wasn’t sure if you got our free 2022 Best/Worst Days Email Calendar so I wanted to pass it along – here is the link: www.worldata.com/deck/2022_WD-EmailMarketingCalendar.pdf

Also, thanks so much for checking out Scoop this year.  When I started this in January I wasn’t sure what it would be but I made so many great connections and it has grown into something much bigger than I anticipated. BUT – it would be super helpful if you could reply back with some topics you would hope I cover next year and areas of improvement you suggest.  I think I am going to keep Scoop going but want to make sure it is useful for everyone. So, thanks in advance! 

Of course, I need to end this with some useless thoughts…

My New Year’s Resolution:

I think I leave Zoom meetings too fast.  While everyone is saying goodbye I just click ‘end meeting’.  I always wonder if the others that are still saying goodbye think that was rude. I can’t help it.  It’s not that I am in a real rush or have some important thing to go do but I just can’t handle all the end of meeting pleasantries…I feel like we knock that stuff out at the start of the meeting.  So this year I will stay on till the bitter end and see all the excitement that takes place.  I don’t know if this qualifies as a resolution but if I can’t accomplish this one, then eating better or some other “set me up for failure resolution” will never happen…

Happy new year!  2022 may start out bumpy but I think it is going to be a great year!




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