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This Year is Over...

Consumer: BtoC marketers cannibalized themselves this year. Holiday email offers started earlier than ever and it has created some interesting stats...

Consumer Email Offers:

EMAIL CLICK-THROUGH RATES: November 1st Through November 20th:

2021 UP 24% Vs. 2020

2021 UP 38% Vs. 2019

EMAIL CLICK-THROUGH RATES: November 21st Through December 12th:

2021 UP 2% Vs. 2020

2021 UP 6% Vs. 2019

What does this all mean? You got the orders you wanted but don’t expect much more. How many times can you really say you are still giving ‘Black Friday’ deals. C’mon.

Business: BtoB ‘Offer Related’ emails performance is completely done for the year. Literally fallen off a cliff.

Last 10 Days:

BtoB Offer Related Email Open Rates:

DOWN 28% vs Prior 30-Day Period

What does this all mean? You are not filling up the pipeline before year end. Ask yourself this...How many promotional emails are you responding to right now? Exactly.

Hits and Misses:

We tested a ton of new things in 2021 and some were winners and some were losers...Here are a few random ones that may be interesting. Perhaps they will provide some good test ideas and pitfalls to avoid!


‘List’ Offers:

BtoB EXAMPLE: 7 Things Every Marketer Must Try

BtoC EXAMPLE: 9 Must See Styles For Fall

BtoB: 2021 Open Rate Increase Average 32% vs. Generic Offer

BtoC: 2021 Open Rate Increase Average 21% vs. Generic Offer (Non-Sales)

‘Target Audience’ In Subject Line:

BtoB EXAMPLE: Latest Research for Human Resource Leaders

BtoC EXAMPLE: For Serious Investors Only...

BtoB: 2021 Open Rate Increase Average 25% vs. No Mention

BtoC: 2021 Open Rate Increase Average 22% vs. No Mention



Having multiple offers is only an issue if you’re measuring results based on the primary offer results.

IF you are focused on primary offer results having multiple offers within your emails is hurting performance...

BtoB: 2021 Click-Through Rate on Primary Offer When 2+ Offers Shown Down 22% vs Only Primary Offer Shown

BtoC: 2021 Click-Through Rate on Primary Offer When 2+ Offers Shown Down 28% vs Only Primary Offer Shown

Sending 2 Emails Same Day:

Initial data on sending a ‘morning email’ and an ‘early evening’ email to the same audience looked good. But, after more robust testing this proved to be a bad tactic. Unsubs went up significantly and lifetime value went down for those contacts. I would pass on this one...


BtoB: 2021 Ebook Offers Click-Through Rates DOWN 38% in Last 12 Months


I’m not even going to show a stat for this. If you are using Infographics as your offer than you probably have an AOL account too.

Since You Didn’t Ask...

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful...


And Just Like That... (HBOMAX) – Up until now I thought the worst sequels were ‘The Next Karate Kid’ and ‘Mean Girls 2’. I don’t know if this qualifies as a sequel, but I know it qualifies as horrible.

Spider-Man: No Way Home (Theaters) – I am guessing zero percent of you care that this is coming out this week. We can still be friends, but I would think you are much cooler if this meant anything to you.

The Great British Baking Show (NETFLIX) – Why in the world do I like this show? My favorite parts are when they do a quick segment on each contestant’s life. They all seem to have jobs that have zero to do with food, are the most chill people on Earth and are from some random place I have never heard of... Here is Barbara, she is a Pet Psychologist and grew up on a farm in Shropshire...HUH?

BTW – How are you? Shoot me a note and loop me in on how your marketing is going and how things are overall.

Happy Holidays!




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