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Halloween Email Promotions Surging Already
(and what it means...)

‘Halloween’ Promotional Email VOLUME First 2 Weeks of September:
vs. 2020 – 2021 is UP 58%
vs. 2019 – 2021 is UP 29%


Email CLICK RATES: ‘Halloween’ Related Promotional Email (First 2 Weeks September):
Click-Through Rates UP 24% vs 2020
Click-Through Rates UP 19% vs 2019

Why does this matter?
Buyers are clearly OK with the increased email volume they are receiving based on the fact that performance continues to rise. The biggest factor driving interest right now is PERCIEVED SCARCITY. Buyers are aware of product availability issues and are looking to purchase earlier than ever. BIG TAKEAWAY: Start your holiday promos now!


Click-Through Rates Increase 38% When Subject Line Highlights Topic And Does NOT Mention Webinar.

Say what????
These subject lines are both promoting the same WEBINAR…But the one that is getting a much stronger response mentions the topic and NOT that it is a webinar.

EXAMPLE: – Promotes Webinars Without Mentioning Webinar in Subject Line

iOS 15...

Did you download it yet? Probably not. It has less than 10% penetration rate as of today so your ‘Open Rates’ are still pretty normal. iOS 15 will be a problem but not until first week of October. If you need a quick fix, you can check out the FREE iOS Open Rate Calculator on (located on top right of site). Hate iOS 15.

SOLD OUT! And, Here Is The Outlook for 2022!

2 big themes emerging for what is driving marketing performance right now: For B2C it’s all about PERCEIVED SCARCITY [In-Stock, Available] and B2B it’s all about LOOK FORWARD [2022, Outlook]…

Since You Didn’t Ask…

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful…


Dancing with the Stars: (ABC) – I have hit rock bottom. Can’t believe I am watching this. I am all in on ‘Sporty Spice’. Anyone rooting for Olivia Jade needs to unsubscribe.

007 James Bond: (Coming Soon) – The upcoming Bond movie is Daniel Craig’s last.  So here is my completely uninformed list of who should be the next Bond:

Morning Show: (Apple+) – I know season 2 is out. I just don’t care. Are other people watching this? I liked season one but that is when I wanted Matt Lauer to disappear. He disappeared so I sort of don’t care anymore about this. IDK.


I have been eating salmon once a week for dinner for years. I have realized two things occur every time. First, I get pretty nauseous for about an hour afterwards (regardless of how its prepared). Second, I eat an enormous amount of unhealthy foods later on in the night because I am starving. Whatever.


I have concluded that there are 2 kinds of people. Those who honk at people and those that get honked at. I get honked at. Never thought I was a terrible driver but based purely on the ratio of honks I give to honks I receive it appears that I am. Beep.

Ok, that’s it…Let me know what you think of this nonsense.

BTW – doing a new webinar

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