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It’s Official! These Words are Boosting ‘Open Rates’ –

Perhaps our shift to being online for everything and this strange world we have been living in for the last 2 years has caused our attention to be focused on ‘important’ things when they are called out. Not exactly sure why, but a trend that has picked up steam in the last 90 days has been the use of various terms of validation. Worth a test!

These Words When Used in The Subject Line Generate an Open Rate Increase:


Your Opinion Doesn't Matter...when it comes to your audience

The world is upside down. We all know this. There are no shortage of opinions on how best to navigate daily life. While those discussions might be interesting to some people (not me – I’d rather stare at a wall) it doesn’t really matter when it comes to marketing.

As marketers we have to focus on our audience. What are they interested in and how are they reacting to things (not how we want them to react).


August 1st - August 30th (Last 30 Days):

BtoB [offers when mentioned in Subject Line]:

Speaking of Delta….This is both funny and not funny.

Delta Airlines is so desperate to not be affiliated with the virus.

In tweets, on website and elsewhere the Delta CEO will only call Delta variant by its formal name:


Early And Often!!!

You are already late to the party! Everyone is so anxious to do ‘stuff’ again that it is resulting in ‘holiday’ related emails being sent and opened far earlier than in the past.

Item Scarcity + Boredom = Extreme Early Purchasing Habits

Labor Day Offer Emails 2 Weeks Out:

Open Rates:

2021 UP 37% vs. 2020

2021 UP 24% vs. 2019

Example: Walmart promoting Labor Day 18 days before holiday…

So start getting your promos ready now and get them out early for:

Obligatory iOS 15 ‘Email is Dying’ Update:

If you haven’t heard about Apple’s upcoming change that will radically impact email marketing please go ahead and GOOGLE: iOS 15 open rate email marketing

It’s not a fun topic so I don’t want to bore/upset everyone who is reading this so after you have wrapped your mind around what is coming (around September 15th) then the next few sentences might be useful…

The basics are that APPLE is going to eliminate the ability for marketers to track email ‘open rates’ and a bunch of other stuff will go away that we use ‘open’ information for.

This will affect about 45% of all email recipients. So yeah – it’s a big deal.


Here are a few resources that might actually help you navigate this issue:

iOS info - Not a Shameless Plug:

I did a new webinar about a week or so ago. Recoding of my Q3 ‘Do This, Not That’ – (first 10 mins covers iOS 15 and what you should consider doing) -https://worldata.com/videos/DTNTQ3-LinkedIn0812.mp4

One of my recommendations is to work with your ESP/Marketing Automation provider to identify current iOS Mail App users. I have heard that some providers are not being very helpful in helping to identify and set all this up. So here are some options of 3rd party tools that you can use ‘on top of’ your current platform. So no need to switch to another email sending partner but you can check out this options that should help you to accomplish the same results…

Litmus: iOS Analytics Tool (Not Free) -https://www.litmus.com/blog/email-analytics-for-mail-privacy-protection/

EmailOnAcid – (Not Free) -https://www.emailonacid.com/- (similar to Litmus tool)

SubjectLine.com (Free but different) – On the top right of www.Subjectline.com you will see an iOS 15 calculator. After the world falls apart you can use this simple calculator to measure your estimated ‘Open Rate’

OK, enough of all that….ughhhhhhh

Since You Didn’t Ask…

For any new readers of ‘Scoop’ this is where I share stuff that has nothing to do with anything that is actually helpful or useful…


The White Lotus: (HBOMax) – This was awesome. Pretty much every character is a disaster and the ending leaves you with a ‘that’s it?’ vibe…but who cares – solid use of my time.

Nine Perfect Strangers: (Hulu) – Why am I watching this? I can’t decide if it stinks or I really like it. I would give it a try. I hope Nicole Kidman is normal in real life – she seems really odd.

Bachelor In Paradise: (ABC) – I know that probably 2% of you are watching this train wreck of a show and you judge me for watching it. I would judge me too. Whatever – it’s fantastic.

He is All That: (Netflix) – Made it through 11 mins. Horrible.


Coffee!!!! – I got an Ember temperature control coffee mug as a gift (ember.com). This thing is sooooo cool. I have been using for a month. It keeps your coffee hot (and at whatever temp you want for as long as you want). You know this pandemic is getting to me cause my level of excitement related to this mug is not normal.


Every time a new pizza place opens up near me I proclaim, “we need to try this” and rush out and purchase a pie. I have come to the conclusion that I could care less how good the pizza is at ‘the new place’ but this is all a cover-up so I can have an excuse to go and get some pizza. True story – did this yesterday.

Ok, that’s it…

What’s up with you? Reply back and loop me in!

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