Hope the week is going well. Here are some things that caught my eye this week. Let me know your thoughts…


BtoB Tip:

The last 90 days we have seen a shift in what personalization is working for BtoB.

‘First Name’ personalization in the subject line is leading to a 9% LOWER Open Rate. BUT, ‘Company Name’ personalization in the subject line is leading to a 18% HIGHER Open Rate. Good Test!


New Test Idea:

Emoji’s In Preheader. We already know that Emoji’s do really well in subject lines (Increase BtoB Opens by 22% and BtoC by 28%). But now marketers are starting to use Emoji’s in the Pre-Header (what is the pre-header????). New data is showing that Emoji’s in the Pre-Header are increasing Open Rates: B2B up 14% and B2C up 19%. This is emerging and worth a test!


Head Scratcher:

Tuesday is best day of week for email opens (BtoB and BtoC) but Thursday is best day of week for driving revenue from email. Have you tried changing up your email schedule?


What I'm Watching:

Saw the movie TENET. No idea what was going on. Felt dumb. I'm over it.



Why are there so few choices for cookie dough at the supermarket? (my wife thinks I’m ridiculous. “what other options do you want”). Not sure why this bothers me so much.



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